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The legal product files can be found by typing the title, type, thematic, year or number on the search menu, so the legal product you want to find will appear. In addition, legal product files can also be found by searching the “regulation” menu bar or on the Legal Product Types feature..

In the event that unwanted legal products are available on the website, visitors can contact us by telephone or e-mail provided in the suggestion box on the website. .

Visitors can provide suggestions to this website by clicking on the suggestion box link, then they can provide suggestions by filling in the suggestion box provided in the menu..

To find out the validity period of the MoU on the website, the visitors can open the MoU on the menu bar they want, then the metadata will be visible on the status and expiration date of the MoU. .

The legal product files with a certain theme can be found in the thematic feature which contains a collection of legal product files that match a certain theme. In this website, there are several thematic classifications, including thematic tourism destinations which contain a collection of legal products related to the substance of tourism destinations..